What are the advantages of urine diversion

What are the advantages of urine diversion?

Urine is an excellent source of plant nutrients, however it is extremely heavy and difficult to transport. Mixing urine and poop also leaves toilet contents wet, which can cause increased smell and odours unless carbon cover material is significantly increased as well. For ideal composting, urine should be integrated into the compost pile to increase the final nutrient content, however it is often advisable to separate the urine from the poop in the toilets themselves to meet the following objectives:

1) Reduced volume of material requiring sanitization and transportation. In urban contexts, where offsite composting is necessary, urine diversion can significantly reduce transport costs.

2) Less carbon cover material required to reduce odour and flies.

This extract comes from the Soil website, read more about compost toilet and the amazing work that soil has achieved. . SOIL has been working to promote dignity, health, and sustainable livelihoods in Haiti since 2006. Please check out there History page to learn more!

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