Plans for building a compost toilet box

We have been asked how me make our compost toilet box and have been meaning to share our plans for some time now. Summer has been keeping us quite busy and we have not gotten round to it yet, but in the meantime here are some photographs illustrating how to build your own simple DIY composting toilet.

We will be adding more detailed drawings with measurements soon but this should give you a pretty good start.

This system uses a 25 litre bucket that can easily be purchased on ebay and a 12 litre water container that can also be bought here.

The photos are of a basic ply compost toilet box, but a more elaborate wooden version can also be crafted using these dimensions.

Materials needed : 1 sheet of 12mm ply, 50mm x 50mm battons. two hinges, toilet seat, 19mm ply, 25 litre plastic bucket, 12 litre water container and a urine separator.

Tools Needed : Jig Saw or circular saw, drill, various screws.

Watch this space as we add more details on how to build you own waterless toilet.

composting box plansbucket compost toilet urine diverter for composting toileturine separator containerurine separator and planscompost-toilet-box-dimensionshole for seattoilet-seatplans for compost toilet

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