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We love seeing where our urine separators end up and the kinds of composting toilets that we-pee customers design and build for them selves. Each one is unique and built bespoke in a wide range of situations, by compost toilet enthusiasts from all around the world.

Here is some feedback from one UK urine separator customer, who used a repurposed office water dispenser for collecting the urine, and designed the top of the van compost toilet box to be a comfy seat, brilliant!

Hi Suzanne,

Two months ago I bought a We Pee from you and promised pictures of the finished installation… Well I’m finally getting around to it, so here they are!

I made a box combining a design on Build A Green RV’s blog, with the free design from you guys. The box is screwed into our campervan, and has a padded lid so mainly serves as a seat (see picture of me with my feet resting on it in the morning – before we’ve put the bed above us away). We used a chicken feed bucket as the poo bucket, and an ‘office water dispenser’ as the wee bucket cause it was a perfect rectangular shape. There’s also room for a block of sawdust and four toilet rolls in the box too!

The converter is about a third of the way across the bottom section of the toilet seat, though on reflection I could have afforded to put it covering half of the seat – the solution for girls is to sit slightly forward when weeing! Haven’t used the poo function yet but I LOVE the diverter and have weed in there hundreds of times. I also made a small fan (using kitchen funnel and PC fan) which blows air through a hole in the bottom of the van, to speed up the anaerobic process. I can honestly say that the toilet is the best part of the van, so thank you! What’s more, I’d absolutely consider building a compost toilet with a diverter if I have a house in the future – who needs flushing Water Closets when there is an easy and sustainable option!!

Thanks again,



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