Compost Toilet for Community Garden in Machynlleth

We have just finished making a compost toilet for a community garden in Machynlleth. Of course, the town where the Centre for Alternative Technology is based should have one of the smartest compost toilets.

Why choose our compost toilet designs?

We have been making composting toilets for over 15 years now and in this time have thought long and hard about what makes a compost toilet really work.

Our first objective when we started designing this loo was to make something beautiful that would win over the doubters. Lets face it if you are presented with a cute designer little wooden cabin over a rough clad shack, then automatically you would choose the pretty one. Ok but form is only one half of a complete design.

The second and more important function of any toilet is that it works. And works well. This is where our toilets excel over others. We developed and prototyped a urine separator that diverts the wee from the poo and this little device is the trick to getting a compost toilet to not smell. Have a read more about our urine separator here. The next design feature that sets us apart is the wheelie bin. Ok so why a wheelie bin over a bucket. Its simple maths and maintenance. A standard bucket takes 25 litres of poo and a wheelie bin takes 240l of poo. So ten times the quantity. That equates to 10 times less maintenance when it comes to emptying the toilet. And the beauty of the wheelie bins is that when you can close the lid and wheel them out you start the composting off. You could if you leave them for over a year to complete the compost cycle if you wanted to.

Lastly it is the quality of our woodworking. We have been working with wood in all its wonderful forms for over 20 years now. In this time we have honed our skills and know what wood to use where to make sure that our compost toilets last outdoors for as long as possible. 

We are also a small eco-minded company that believes in making a positive contribution on this planet. Building compost toilets form sustainable materials and getting people the adopt green sewage solutions is our way of making a difference.

Click here for more plans on how to build a compost toilet and more of our composting toilet designs.


compost toilet for gardens community compost toilet opening of community garden toilet

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