Build a DIY Compost Toilet Box: A Step-by-step Guide

Whether you are responding to the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa, or looking for a sanitation solution for your mobile tiny home, a compact, waterless composting toilet box could well be the answer.
Here is a great video from one of our customers who has built his own dry composting toilet for his RV in America.
Michael from Duet Justus demonstrates how building your own compost toilet box is straightforward, inexpensive and effective. Well worth a watch!

Here’s the start of Michael’s Guide:

“Today is the last big DIY project that I’m going to be doing on the RV, to make it a little bit more comfortable while Jenny and I are dry camping out here in the South West.

As you guys may have known, we do have a DIY composting toilet that we built for our classy RV. We ripped out the vanity and we made basically this entire room to my right – just a toilet room, a place to go, do your business.

So basically, the way we utilise it now, is we have, it’s a bucket system. We have one bucket for ‘number 2’ and one bucket for ‘number 1’, and what this urine diverter is going to allow us to do, it’s going to allow us to do both at the same time. You guys get the idea, this a dirty topic, but someone’s got to talk about it, so we’re going to do it today so you guys can kind of see how we get it done, and how we’ve built a composting toilet for just a little bit over a $100, and it’s a lot cheaper and it works.

So, I’m going to go and I’m going to show you guys how I’m going to install this urine diverter first, and then I’m going to actually move to the outside and show you some stuff that’s going on with the black and the grey water tanks.
Let’s go ahead and get this urine diverter installed and I’m going to show you guys what a difference it makes in our composting toilet.

So it’s kind of hard to film in these tight of quarters, but basically what we’ve got here is we have our composting toilet chest and basically, here’s the toilet lid, it’s just a cheap lid we bought from Home Depot. We wanted to paint the chest white and this lid actually lifts completely up. I’m actually going to take the diverter and we’re going to be attaching it underneath this white lid that I’m sitting on. So it’s actually going to split this area here where this toilet seat is so that you can do your number ‘one’ in one and your number ‘two’ in the back. So inside of this toilet we have a 3.5 gallon bucket.

Now the reason why we have a 3.5 gallon bucket is because this urine diverter has this little lip here and with the 5 gallon bucket, that 5 gallon bucket actually went pretty darn close to the full height of this chest and it didn’t give me enough room for this little maybe 3 or 4 inch lip here for the urine diverter. So basically what I had to do, I had to go on line and I wanted to find a bucket that was basically the same diameter around, same circumference around as a 5 gallon bucket but just a little shorter.” …

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