orina para baños secos¿Te has preguntado cómo llegamos a desarrollar nuestro separador de orina para baños secos? Esta es nuestra historia…

Como todas las buenas historias, esta empieza como una historia de amor. Suzanne y yo nos estábamos preparando para casarnos en nuestra casa, una granja perdida en las lejanas montañas del oeste de Gales. Siempre hay mucho que organizar para una boda, pero nuestra principal preocupación era que habiendo invitado a 100 personas solo teníamos un baño de agua corriente que se alimentaba de un pequeño arroyo cercano. Era pleno verano. Necesitábamos más baños y necesitábamos el agua del arroyo para beber (sí, incluso en Gales, con toda su humedad ¡se puede acabar el agua!). Siendo los dos, personas preocupadas por el medio ambiente y trabajando ambos en Centre for Alternative Technology (el centro de ecología más grande de europa), el baño seco era obviamente la solución que necesitábamos.

orina para baños secos¡Así que nos pusimos manos a la obra a planear tartas de boda, vestidos y baños secos! Tuvimos la ayuda de un amigo que tiene experiencia en construir baños secos a partir de cubos de basura para el Climate Protest Camp en el Reino Unido. Juntos construimos un baño a partir de materiales sobrantes que andaban por ahí (soy carpintero de profesión – echa un vistazo a Free Range Designs – ¡por lo que en general siempre tengo a mano montones de madera y serrín!). Para separar la orina compramos un separador de orina de la marca Separette que funcionaba bien pero tendía a atascarse con facilidad.

El gran día llegó y tuvimos una ceremonia preciosa con toda nuestra familia y amigos, quienes hicieron buen uso del nuevo baño seco. A la vuelta de la luna de miel publicamos las fotos de nuestro baño seco en la web de Free Range Designs ofreciendo baños secos como producto a la venta. Poca idea teníamos por aquel entonces de en qué nos estábamos embarcando. Un par de meses más tarde nos pidieron que construyéramos dos baños secos para una zona de acampada en Hay-on-Wye. Diseñamos un modelo más eficiente que se pudiera desmontar antes de su transporte en varias piezas básicas para después montarse en su destino sin excesivas complicaciones en el transcurso de un día.

Todo iba bien hasta que intentamos encargar los separadores de orina. El distribuidor al que encargamos la primera ve había desaparecido. ¡Buscamos por toda la red pero nada! A solo un par de semanas de tener que mandar los baños a su destino, un amigo ingeniero sugirió que moldeáramos al vacío nuestro propio separador. Empezamos a informarnos acerca del proceso y acabamos montando un sistema básico de formación al vacío en casa para producir nuestros separadores de plástico.

Finalmente pudimos montar los dos baños secos sin problema y con nuestro propio separador de orina. Los clientes quedaron contentos con ambos prototipos, actualmente llamados Gypsy Caravan Compost Toilet y Bog Standard Compost Toilet.


Como todas las buenas ideas, pensamos que esta merecía ser compartida, así que empezamos a vender separadores de orina a través de nuestra web. Probablemente sea la razón por la cual estás leyendo esto.

¡Gracias por interesarte en nuestra historia!

Paul y Suzanne

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The Story of our Urine Separator


about our toiletsEver wondered how we came to develop the compost toilet urine separator? Here’s our story …

Like all good stories, this one starts as a love story. Suzanne and I were preparing to get married at our home on an off-grid farm in the remote hills of west Wales. There’s always lots to organise for a wedding, but our main concern was that we were inviting 100 people to celebrate with us and we only had one flush toilet, which was supplied by a very small stream. And it was mid summer. We needed more facilities and we needed to conserve the stream water for drinking (yes, even in notoriously wet Wales, the water can run out!). Being eco-minded and both working for the Centre for Alternative Technology (Europe’s largest eco-centre), compost toilets were the obvious solution.

sawdust toiletSo we set about planning wedding cakes, choosing dresses and designing compost toilets! We had help from a friend of ours who had experience building wheelie bin compost toilets for the Climate Protest Camps in the UK. Together we built a toilet from scrap materials that were lying around (I am a furniture maker by trade – see Free Range Designs – so I’m generally surrounded by a lot of wood and sawdust!). The toilet used a wheelie bin located at the back of the building and we bought in a Separette urine separator, which worked well but tended to get blocked quite easily.

The big day arrived and we had a beautiful marriage ceremony with all our family and friends, who made good use of the new compost toilet. Once back from honeymoon we posted pictures of our compost loo on the Free Range Designs website offering compost toilets as a product for sale. Little did we know what we were embarking on. A couple of months later we were asked to build two compost toilets for a campsite in Hay-on-Wye and we started designing a more streamlined model that could be flatpacked for transportation.

Everything was going well until we tried to source the urine separators. The distributer we had bought the first one from had disappeared. We scoured the interweb but nothing was coming up! With only a couple of weeks remaining until the toilets were due for delivery, an engineer friend suggested that we vacuum form our own separator. We started googling vac-forming and went about setting up a basic DIY system at home for producing our own plastic separators.

The toilets were successfully completed with our own urine separators and the clients were happy with their two compost toilet prototypes, aptly named Gypsy Caravan Compost Toilet and Bog Standard Compost Toilet.


Like all good ideas we thought that this one needed sharing, so we started selling urine separators on our website. That is why you must be here.

Thanks for your interest in our story!
Paul and Suzanne

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Californian Toilet Design

Here are some photos of a great looking DIY composting toilet sent in to us by a we-pee customer from California, USA. Very nicely made, simple and cheap to build. Thanks very much for the photos John!

The photos show how you can make your own dry toilet system from just a plastic bucket for the solids and a glass jar for the urine, and a separator to keep the two apart :-)

Keep sending us your photos, we love to see where our urine separators end up.

Email to:

Thank you!

DIY Compost Toilet California Urine Separator Toilet we-pee urine separator

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Glamping at Hidden Valley

Here are some photos of the work-in-progress compost toilets made by Hidden Valley Glamping.

glamping toilet glamping toilet with separator compost toilet for glamp site

From their website :

We don’t really like the term ‘glamping’ as most glamping sites end up looking like static holiday parks, with ‘glamping units’ set out in a grid, and with little space in between. That’s fine if you’re into that sort of thing, but what we offer here at Hidden Valley couldn’t be further form this. The incredible generously spaced pitches* at Hidden Valley Camping give each tent its own privacy and plenty of level space to sit outside around the campfire and enjoy the stunning views.

Composting toilets

These are a great solution where conventional toilets are not an option and provide a fantastic way of saving water. our composting toilet is comfortable and clean, and by using a design that separates liquids and solids means that they don’t actually smell that bad. Covering your doings with a couple of generous handfuls of sawdust, and opening the window when you leave will help us make some great ‘humanure’.

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Compost Toilet for Airstream Trailer

We’ve just received these photos from a client who built a compost toilet in her Airstream trailer using our urine separator.


Bought a separator last year for my bathroom in my Airstream trailer. Using the trailer as my massage studio. Web page coming soon @ There was much concern from co- creators about this water free system but I preserved. Next I need to make a bathroom book to educate my clients!



airstream-toilet airstream-compost-toilet toilet-urine-separator

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What are the advantages of urine diversion

What are the advantages of urine diversion?

Urine is an excellent source of plant nutrients, however it is extremely heavy and difficult to transport. Mixing urine and poop also leaves toilet contents wet, which can cause increased smell and odours unless carbon cover material is significantly increased as well. For ideal composting, urine should be integrated into the compost pile to increase the final nutrient content, however it is often advisable to separate the urine from the poop in the toilets themselves to meet the following objectives:

1) Reduced volume of material requiring sanitization and transportation. In urban contexts, where offsite composting is necessary, urine diversion can significantly reduce transport costs.

2) Less carbon cover material required to reduce odour and flies.

This extract comes from the Soil website, read more about compost toilet and the amazing work that soil has achieved. . SOIL has been working to promote dignity, health, and sustainable livelihoods in Haiti since 2006. Please check out there History page to learn more!

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Build a DIY Compost Toilet Box: A Step-by-step Guide

Whether you are responding to the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa, or looking for a sanitation solution for your mobile tiny home, a compact, waterless composting toilet box could well be the answer.
Here is a great video from one of our customers who has built his own dry composting toilet for his RV in America.
Michael from Duet Justus demonstrates how building your own compost toilet box is straightforward, inexpensive and effective. Well worth a watch!

Here’s the start of Michael’s Guide:

“Today is the last big DIY project that I’m going to be doing on the RV, to make it a little bit more comfortable while Jenny and I are dry camping out here in the South West.

As you guys may have known, we do have a DIY composting toilet that we built for our classy RV. We ripped out the vanity and we made basically this entire room to my right – just a toilet room, a place to go, do your business.

So basically, the way we utilise it now, is we have, it’s a bucket system. We have one bucket for ‘number 2’ and one bucket for ‘number 1’, and what this urine diverter is going to allow us to do, it’s going to allow us to do both at the same time. You guys get the idea, this a dirty topic, but someone’s got to talk about it, so we’re going to do it today so you guys can kind of see how we get it done, and how we’ve built a composting toilet for just a little bit over a $100, and it’s a lot cheaper and it works.

So, I’m going to go and I’m going to show you guys how I’m going to install this urine diverter first, and then I’m going to actually move to the outside and show you some stuff that’s going on with the black and the grey water tanks.
Let’s go ahead and get this urine diverter installed and I’m going to show you guys what a difference it makes in our composting toilet.

So it’s kind of hard to film in these tight of quarters, but basically what we’ve got here is we have our composting toilet chest and basically, here’s the toilet lid, it’s just a cheap lid we bought from Home Depot. We wanted to paint the chest white and this lid actually lifts completely up. I’m actually going to take the diverter and we’re going to be attaching it underneath this white lid that I’m sitting on. So it’s actually going to split this area here where this toilet seat is so that you can do your number ‘one’ in one and your number ‘two’ in the back. So inside of this toilet we have a 3.5 gallon bucket.

Now the reason why we have a 3.5 gallon bucket is because this urine diverter has this little lip here and with the 5 gallon bucket, that 5 gallon bucket actually went pretty darn close to the full height of this chest and it didn’t give me enough room for this little maybe 3 or 4 inch lip here for the urine diverter. So basically what I had to do, I had to go on line and I wanted to find a bucket that was basically the same diameter around, same circumference around as a 5 gallon bucket but just a little shorter.” …

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Making a DIY Compost Toilet Box with Diverter

Here’s a video one of our clients made showing how he made his Tiny house composting toilet with diverter. We love how every craftsman finds another way to personalise and innovate while making the compost toilet box to suit their environment and materials at hand.

“I finally received my urine diverter in the mail, happy days are here, I can put it in my composting toilet and use it… This is but one piece to the puzzle of living simply, I have been fortunate my entire life thus far to have all the plumbing and hot water I need, so at this point it’s okay to experiment and gain respect for what mankind has done for all of it’s existence with it’s waste…”

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Dry Toilet in Tenerife

It is always lovely to receive positive feedback and photos from far away places. We love seeing how each dry toilet is always so different depending on the materials chosen, the location and landscape and the individual craftsman. Thank you to Hugo for sending through his photos of his dry eco loo. Keep the photos of toilets coming….

Hola Suzanne!!!

I send you the pictures of the dry toilet here in Tenerife. We finalize the build the last month. Is working perfect. Thank for your help. When you want please come to visit us.


dry- eco loo urine diverter

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Dry Compost Loo Box for Cape Town Water Shortage

e are some lovely pictures of the dry toilet boxes that have been built for the Cape Town market, by our brothers in South Africa. The toilet has been built with one of our urine separators to capture and divert the urine into a plastic bottle. Having a urine separator allow you to maintain a dryer mix in the bucket which is less smelly and this also allow you do is to reduce the amount of time it takes to empty the bucket. If your situation allow,m then you could also divert the urine into a soakaway in your garden.

To purchase one of these Dry Compost Toilets please visit their website : Sylvantutch for more information and for prices.

You can now order the urine separator from us and you can collect it from us in Somerset West. Get in touch for more information.

Dry Loo South Africa Dry Compost Looplans for compost toilet boxurine diverter for compost toiletdry loo plans

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