Dry Toilet in Tenerife

It is always lovely to receive positive feedback and photos from far away places. We love seeing how each dry toilet is always so different depending on the materials chosen, the location and landscape and the individual craftsman. Thank you to Hugo for sending through his photos of his dry eco loo. Keep the photos of toilets coming….

Hola Suzanne!!!

I send you the pictures of the dry toilet here in Tenerife. We finalize the build the last month. Is working perfect. Thank for your help. When you want please come to visit us.


dry- eco loo urine diverter

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Dry Compost Loo Box for Cape Town Water Shortage

e are some lovely pictures of the dry toilet boxes that have been built for the Cape Town market, by our brothers in South Africa. The toilet has been built with one of our urine separators to capture and divert the urine into a plastic bottle. Having a urine separator allow you to maintain a dryer mix in the bucket which is less smelly and this also allow you do is to reduce the amount of time it takes to empty the bucket. If your situation allow,m then you could also divert the urine into a soakaway in your garden.

To purchase one of these Dry Compost Toilets please visit their website : Sylvantutch for more information and for prices.

You can now order the urine separator from us and you can collect it from us in Somerset West. Get in touch for more information.

Dry Loo South Africa Dry Compost Looplans for compost toilet boxurine diverter for compost toiletdry loo plans

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Urine Separator now available in South Africa

Water Saving ToiletsDry, waterless toilets play a vital role in saving precious water in drought-stricken countries and the Western Cape in South Africa is currently experiencing its worst drought in more than a hundred years. We have just come back from the Cape, where people are urgently looking at ways to reduce their water consumption and are coming up with some innovative solutions.

The good news for South Africa-based customers is that they can now buy our urine separator on-line from this site and receive it within a couple of days, thanks to our new Cape Town distributor. Buy your separator now.

Cape Town, and the whole of the Western Cape, currently has level 6 water restrictions in place, which is just one step away from the end of piped water and the taps literally being dry. There is much discussion about “Day Zero”, the point from which the area’s people face the prospect of queueing at standpipes for daily rations of 25 litres of water.

Cape Town has always been a popular spot for holiday-makers with its beautiful beaches, trendy nightclubs and some of the best restaurants in the country. Residents and holidaymakers alike are now being urgently encouraged to save every last drop of water, and the old adage “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down” can now be seen commonplace.

Dry composting toilets require no water at all to work and are simple to use and maintain. We have been designing, making and installing composting toilets for a decade and one of the key factors to successful composting toilets is urine separation. You can see the range of our waterless toilets here, which are also available to buy in South Africa. Contact Us for more details.

With a notoriously unreliable postal service in South Africa, it was previously quite a challenge to assure the delivery of our separator from the UK to the Cape. We are now delighted to be having the separator made by a company in Cape Town and are able to offer delivery within just a few days of purchase. 


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Compost Toilets for Water Shortage in Western Cape

We have just shipped 100 of our urine separators for Compost toilets to a distributer in Cape Town. If you are thinking about way to help with the water shortage in South Africa, then using a waterless compost toilet must be top of the list. By using a compost toilet you will be preserving this precious resource every time you go to the loo.

Get in touch if you would like to know how to build your own compost toilet with urine separator  and how to go about buying one in South Africa.waterless compost toilet

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Caribbean Composting Toilets

Compost Toilet Cubicle  Child's Toilet Seat

White Urine Separator  Urine Separator in Toilet

He are some pictures of a fantastic new composting toilet block that has been constructed by a voluntary organisation called Haiti-kinderhilfe on the Caribbean island of Haiti, providing vital facilities for local primary school children.

Haiti is one of many Atlantic islands to suffer the effects of hurricanes and severe weather patterns, where there has been devastating damage caused to infrastructure, including schools and sanitation systems.

Composting toilets are the ideal solution in areas that do not have mains sewerage or a reliable electricity supply. These composting toilets have been designed for use by primary age children and are fitted with the we-pee urine separator, which allows effective composting of both the liquids and the solids and ensure no smells.



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New Design Urine Separator with Filter & Lip

new urine separator

We are launching the latest version of our urine separator for composting toilets, which now includes a lip as standard and an integrated strainer over the funnel end.

The lip at the back of the separator prevents urine spilling into the solids container and the strainer ensures no sawdust blockages in your pipe work. The strainer can be removed independently of the separator for easy cleaning.

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Compost Toilet for Germany

  Just got these photos from a client in Germany who ordered one of our urine separators to build a compost toilet.

Dear Free Range Design,

here are some pix from our new dry toilet, everything works fine with you separator! Thx a lot!

Jens Schoenen

german compost toileturine separator in compost toileturine separator for germany 

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Composting Toilets in New Zealand

urine separator for new zealandWe have just posted a urine separator to a client in New Zealand who has a business making portable compost toilets for emergency situations.

Urine separators posted to New Zealand typically take between 7-12 days to arrive. We post our separators the following day from ordering so there is no delay on our side.

Get in touch if you would like to get our free plans on how to make a compost toilet box.


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we-pee urine separator sighting in Portugal




Some feedback just in of a sighting of a we-pee separator in Portugal (in an “Adubo de compostagem”) …

Here it has been used in a waterless composting toilet on a remote mountainous site in Portugal.

Composting toilets are the ideal sanitation solution for off-grid locations without electricity, running water or sewage systems. Separating the urine from the solids with a urine diverter is the key to producing great useable compost from the system and eliminating smells.

Permaculture projects in Portugal are popular with the great growing climate, and dry toilet systems go hand-in-hand with natural, ecologically conscious principles.


Urine separator Portugal Portugal Compost Toilet Portugal Composting Toilet

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Toilettes Sèches de Ferme

Here is an innovative DIY composting toilet made on a farm in the south of France using the we-pee urine separator and an old butter churn. Simple, attractive, original and effective!

DIY Compost Toilet

Rustic Comosting Toilet

Voici des toilettes sèches innovantes, fait main sur une ferme dans le sud de la France avec le séparateur d’urine we-pee et une ancienne baratte à beurre. Simples, belles, originelles et efficaces!

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