Separator for a Kompost-Toilette in Germany

My separator has gone to a Kompost-Toilette (build in Sep/Okt this year) nearby my small house in the forest.

It´s working well.

Best regards Heinz

Germany, Oberpfälzer Wald nearby Oberviechtach
compost-toilet-diverter_2 Kompost-Toilette

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Wee diverter in Kentucky USA

Your wee diverter has made it all with way to the states, Kentucky USA

urine diverter

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Urine Separator for Vohburg Germany

Simple solution for a quick compost toilet….

Hello all,

Thank you for the separator. I have bought a house in Vohburg/Germany and started a renovation. So for the next half year we don‘t have any toilet. That was the beginning of the idea of my compost toilet. I have used all material, that i had, so It wasn‘t needed to buy something for it, except the separator.
It runs, thanks you for that!

Regards from Vohburg

compost toilet separator

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Compost Toilet for Forest School

forest school compost toilet

Here is a compost toilet that we installed last year for Bright Woods Forest School in Teesdale.

Bright Woods Forest School believes in children’s rights to play, to access the natural world, to experience appropriate risk and a healthy range of emotions.
They believe that children who are given the freedom to play in the outdoors, get dirty and wet are simply happy children. Such children are more fulfilled, less prone to depression and more connected to the world around them.

So it made sense for them to choose one of Free Range Designs disabled access compost toilets. The team arrived in the forest school woods and spent a couple of days erecting this fully wheelchair accessible  composting toile.

Below are some of the photos of the disabled access compost toilet installation for the forest school.

compost toilet installation
urine separator and wheelie bin

hand washing waterless urinal

Compost toilets with disabled access are perfect for pre-schools, schools, community groups, families, youth groups and voluntary organisation.



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Compost Toilet for Community Garden in Machynlleth

We have just finished making a compost toilet for a community garden in Machynlleth. Of course, the town where the Centre for Alternative Technology is based should have one of the smartest compost toilets.

Why choose our compost toilet designs?

We have been making composting toilets for over 15 years now and in this time have thought long and hard about what makes a compost toilet really work.

Our first objective when we started designing this loo was to make something beautiful that would win over the doubters. Lets face it if you are presented with a cute designer little wooden cabin over a rough clad shack, then automatically you would choose the pretty one. Ok but form is only one half of a complete design.

The second and more important function of any toilet is that it works. And works well. This is where our toilets excel over others. We developed and prototyped a urine separator that diverts the wee from the poo and this little device is the trick to getting a compost toilet to not smell. Have a read more about our urine separator here. The next design feature that sets us apart is the wheelie bin. Ok so why a wheelie bin over a bucket. Its simple maths and maintenance. A standard bucket takes 25 litres of poo and a wheelie bin takes 240l of poo. So ten times the quantity. That equates to 10 times less maintenance when it comes to emptying the toilet. And the beauty of the wheelie bins is that when you can close the lid and wheel them out you start the composting off. You could if you leave them for over a year to complete the compost cycle if you wanted to.

Lastly it is the quality of our woodworking. We have been working with wood in all its wonderful forms for over 20 years now. In this time we have honed our skills and know what wood to use where to make sure that our compost toilets last outdoors for as long as possible. 

We are also a small eco-minded company that believes in making a positive contribution on this planet. Building compost toilets form sustainable materials and getting people the adopt green sewage solutions is our way of making a difference.

Click here for more plans on how to build a compost toilet and more of our composting toilet designs.


compost toilet for gardens community compost toilet opening of community garden toilet

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Tiny House Compost Toilets

Tiny House Compost Toilets

Here are some photos from a couple who have created their own Tiny House and are installing a we-pee urine separator into their Tiny House toilet.

You can follow the journey of this industrious eco-conscious couple on their youtube channel here:

What a beautiful tiny house, and we look forward to seeing photos of their Tiny House toilet soon – watch this space!

Tiny House Compost Toilets 2

Tiny House Compost Toilets 3

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Skoolie Bathroom with urine separation in Maryland, USA

Urine Separator Bathroom Tiny Home Conversion

Going DIY and building your own urine separating dry toilet means you have complete artistic freedom, and can create something much more than just a loo.

We have received these stunning photographs from one we-pee customer who is living in a solar-powered school bus in Maryland, USA. Lauren has made an extraordinary bathroom inside her repurposed bus and it’s no surprise that Lauren is an art teacher.

Hi there-
My name is Lauren Gardenbelle and I’m living in a solar powered school bus. We’ve absolutely loved your dry composting toilet urine diverter for our skoolie bathroom! I attached a photo below. As a high school art teacher, your creativity and excellence in your wood designs is unmatched! Well done.
Lauren Gardenbelle,


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Innovative Urine Separating Compost Toilet Solutions

Van Conversion Compost ToiletVan Conversion Compost ToiletVan Conversion Compost Toilet Van Conversion Compost Toilet Compost Toilet and Seat Van Compost Toilet and Seat

We love seeing where our urine separators end up and the kinds of composting toilets that we-pee customers design and build for them selves. Each one is unique and built bespoke in a wide range of situations, by compost toilet enthusiasts from all around the world.

Here is some feedback from one UK urine separator customer, who used a repurposed office water dispenser for collecting the urine, and designed the top of the van compost toilet box to be a comfy seat, brilliant!

Hi Suzanne,

Two months ago I bought a We Pee from you and promised pictures of the finished installation… Well I’m finally getting around to it, so here they are!

I made a box combining a design on Build A Green RV’s blog, with the free design from you guys. The box is screwed into our campervan, and has a padded lid so mainly serves as a seat (see picture of me with my feet resting on it in the morning – before we’ve put the bed above us away). We used a chicken feed bucket as the poo bucket, and an ‘office water dispenser’ as the wee bucket cause it was a perfect rectangular shape. There’s also room for a block of sawdust and four toilet rolls in the box too!

The converter is about a third of the way across the bottom section of the toilet seat, though on reflection I could have afforded to put it covering half of the seat – the solution for girls is to sit slightly forward when weeing! Haven’t used the poo function yet but I LOVE the diverter and have weed in there hundreds of times. I also made a small fan (using kitchen funnel and PC fan) which blows air through a hole in the bottom of the van, to speed up the anaerobic process. I can honestly say that the toilet is the best part of the van, so thank you! What’s more, I’d absolutely consider building a compost toilet with a diverter if I have a house in the future – who needs flushing Water Closets when there is an easy and sustainable option!!

Thanks again,



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Over 15 years making Compost Toilets with Urine Diverters

We have been making compost toilets with our urine diverters for over 15 years now! We started this business like all small business in our garage and over the years have developed and grown to be the supplier of over 500 composts toilets in the UK and selling separators to as far as the North Pole. We are still a very small and independent company with a team of creators and builders that remain rooted to delivering a quality product.

Thanks for all your support over the years and please do keep the photos of your urine diverters coming to us here in the rugged Welsh hills.

urine diverter for waterless toilet

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Off grid caravan composting toilet set up

Dear We-Pee,

I just thought I would send you a few pics of my off grid caravan composting toilet set up, using your separator. The separator diverts urine into a straw filled container, while the poo goes into a wheelie bin and wood shavings. The long pipe emerging from between both of the above is just sink water waste, using only bio products.

It’s all working well so far, thanks for your very good product.

Best wishes,




off grid separator off grid toilet toilet seat

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